• Chainflix Content Enhancement Function Implementation
  • Chainflix API Module Release (dApp Ecosystem)
  • Whitepaper v.1.7 Release
  • Chainflix Platform Launch Official Listing

June, 2018

Whitepaper v 1.2 release

October, 2018

ChainFlix Website Launch

January, 2019

Distributed Storage Architecture Design, PoA Algorithm Development

February, 2019

Chainflix Service Development

March, 2019

Chainflix Android Application Alpha Release

April, 2019

Chainflix Android Web, Alpha Beta Release, Whitepaper v 1.3 Release

September, 2019

Whitepaper v 1.4 release

Novermber, 2019

ChainFlix Close Beta

February, 2020

Chainflix Open Beta, Whitepaper v.1.5 Release

March, 2020

Whitepaper v 1.7 release

Q2 2021

Chainflix Platform Launch Official Listing

Q2 2021

Listed Chainflix on the BitMart Exchange

Q3 2021

Start to develop livestream feature

Q1 2022

Listed Chainflix on the LBANK Exchange

Q2-Q3 2022

Livestream beta version
Developed donation feature that help supporter can donate to their favorite creators

Q4 2022

Launching livestream beta version officially

Q1 2023

Listing Chainflix to a new crypto exchange

Q2 2023

Adding ads service

Q3 2023

Launching Chainflix E-commerce store

Q4 2023

Launching Chainflix VOD E-commerce service

Q1 2024

Launching Chainflix Live E-commerce

Coming Soon

Connect To A Wallet


Supports Metamask, dApp Browser